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News and updates about Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and XR events that we would like to share with you

ArtiShock is productive, not just in making productions, but also in advising relations, exploring, research, testing new techniques and hardware and keeping up with developments in the various fields. Originating as a knowledge center, we also want to share our projects and findings with the outside world.

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Juwels as hologram in Lalique Museum
Normally in the safe but now on display. Jewelry by R. Lalique will soon be on display in the Lalique Museum as holograms.
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Nomination AWE Auggie Award 2021 Art en Film
Nomination Auggie Award USA 2021. Vote for us with this webAR project in the Art and Film section for this weAR did for the IFFR.
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When to use webAR or Augmented Reality in a app
When do you choose webAR or Augmented Reality via an app? A few considerations that can help you in your choice.
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Augmented Reality App PAL-V
The first real flying car PAL-V app can now be experienced in Augmented Reality. Download in the Apple Appstore or Google playstore.
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webAR Postercampaign movie The East
webAR poster campaign for the film The East. Scan the QR code and see the trailer in Augmented Reality without installing an app
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webAR International Film Festival Rotterdam
webAR as evolutionary of Augmented Reality. ArtiShock & OrbAmsterdam created 50 web-based webAR experiences in Rotterdam for the IFFR
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Imagineering the Marinersmuseum
This interactive installation shows old photographs of Rotterdam after the airrade in 1940 in combination with the -present modern- city of Rotterdam
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Jaarcongres Hightech voor industrie Holland Instrumentation
On October 15, 2020, ArtiShock will take you into the world of applied Augmented Reality in the industry during a breakout session on October 15 2020.
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Serious game Emily tells… combines gameplay with sharing information
Emily tells is a serious game where information on healthcare topics and gaming meet. The aim of the game is sharing information in healthcare aimed at young people
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UrbanAR for Glass-city Leerdam, Netherlands
Put back the demolished city gate and hear how Napoleon visited Leerdam. The brand new Augmented Reality app brings the hidden city history to life.
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