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Designing beautiful technology

ArtiShock is a creative and technical company with Augmented Reality experts. Thanks to the mix of knowledge, ArtiShock translates concepts into exciting and new forms of experience or practical AR applications.

Artishock develops new ideas and translates them into Augmented Reality or other innovative solutions. We combine and share knowledge so that you can benefit from refreshing and innovative solutions.

Some of our XR productions


Havenkade 6a
3341 LB Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht
The Netherlands


ArtiShock Productions BV
Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam 76727432
BTW NL860780612B01
Bank: NL07INGB0009193651
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Meat the team
The capacity of ArtiShock is currently more than 18 experts, including 3D and graphic UX & UI designers, programmers, concept developers, audiovisual specialists, audio architects and administrative support staff.
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News and Updates

Juwels as hologram in Lalique Museum
Normally in the safe but now on display. Jewelry by R. Lalique will soon be on display in the Lalique Museum as holograms.
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Nomination AWE Auggie Award 2021 Art en Film
Nomination Auggie Award USA 2021. Vote for us with this webAR project in the Art and Film section for this weAR did for the IFFR.
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When to use webAR or Augmented Reality in a app
When do you choose webAR or Augmented Reality via an app? A few considerations that can help you in your choice.
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Augmented Reality App PAL-V
The first real flying car PAL-V app can now be experienced in Augmented Reality. Download in the Apple Appstore or Google playstore.
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webAR Postercampaign movie The East
webAR poster campaign for the film The East. Scan the QR code and see the trailer in Augmented Reality without installing an app
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webAR International Film Festival Rotterdam
webAR as evolutionary of Augmented Reality. ArtiShock & OrbAmsterdam created 50 web-based webAR experiences in Rotterdam for the IFFR
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