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ArtiShock: The Augmented Reality Company

Providing Augmented Reality productions is at the heart of what ArtiShock does. In addition to AR, we offer creative and applied Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality solutions.

Augmented Reality Showreel

Who we are

We are a full-service Augmented Reality company located in the Netherlands, Rotterdam region. Some of our people have been active in turn-key solutions with Augmented Reality (AR) since 2009. This was later expanded with Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Extended Reality (XR) projects. The latter term (XR) is also used as a collective name for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

Projects and cases

ArtiShock has been producing Augmented Reality projects from idea to production since 2013. Below are some of our XR projects that we have produced. We have an extensive track record, so if you are interested and have good ideas (and otherwise we have them for sure) we would love to hear from you.

AR-filter Facebook and Insta festival Rotterdam

Experience Rotterdam festivals with socialAR for Facebook and Instagram with large Polaroids and greenscreen effect with the RotterdamPopUpFest

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Amazon prime: webAR filmcampaign for The East

WebAR poster campaign The East for prime video from Amazon

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Virtual Guided Tour Kemin EMEA

Digital Corporate Twin & 3D exhibition for Kemin

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web- & social AR: International Film Festival Rotterdam

Fifty green screen objects with tigers in Augmented Reality during the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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Marinersmuseum: Virtual City Viewer Rotterdam

Interactive city viewer shows the mariners resistance in the Marines Museum Rotterdam. Composite images and panoramas from then and now.

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Augmented Reality City Tour Leerdam

The Leerdam city tour contains fun Augmented Reality experiences!

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Emily vertelt… a serious mobile game concept for healthcare

By playing the game you learn about the condition AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome). The concept can also be used for other conditions or syndromes.

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Portfolio Augmented Reality

We have been making AR productions since 2009: see part of our work here:

Projects and Cases
Check some of our XR projects that we have realized in recent years.
Go XR or go #extinct
Because as ArtiShock we represent a pool of knowledge with a rich experience and sets of talents, our portfolio contains many more projects than we can mention here. We have selected a number of them that give a good overview of the possibilities that we offer as Artishock. (See ‘Projects‘ for a comprehensive overview)

Of course, we are enthusiastic about Augmented Reality and dedicated to our work . We also like to tell more about cases that matter. Contact us and be surprised by the amazingly beautiful solutions we have to offer.

Solutions (and more than AR)

ArtiShock provides solutions in the field of emerging technologies including Enterprise AR solutions for smart industry 4.0, XR experiences for marketing and sales, a wide range of 3D solutions, various types of video productions and a wide range of development and code services. But there is more such as spatial communication (UX / UI) and graphic design and there is a knowledge base for inspiration and consulting in the field of XR. In practical terms, we make Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, interactive projections, holograms and 3D animations. Also development of functional applications for industry using Augmented Reality with various tracking technologies are available.

Virtual Guided Tour
Receive your relations online and present your organization, your products or your services within an attractive visual environment.
Your own video communications channel
webAR: Augmented Reality for websites
Downloading an app to experience AR is no longer always necessary. You can now also experience Augmented Reality on the website with a browser.
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Industry 4.0
Industry isn't using the full potential of AR yet for growth of productivity, quality or increased job satisfaction.
AR Solutions for industry.
XR Experiences
AR is suitable for increasing brand awareness and become more an more important for retail and B2B communication.
go AR or go #Extinct
Augmented Reality training and workshops
Do you want to learn more of the value of AR for your organization? Our AR experts provide training using examples that worked for others.
Good to know!
Rental services
It is possible to rent from us devices like the Hololens, Magic Leap, Realwear, Hologram displays etc.
Whats in store?

Solutions (more than AR)

ArtiShock provide – among other things – solutions in the field of emerging technologies, including Enterprise AR solutions (for smart industry 4.0) and AR ecosystems, XR Experiences, Games, extensive 3D possibilities, projections and video productions

In practical terms, we make Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, interactive projections, holograms, games and 3D animations, but we also develop functional applications for industry ...
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News and updates about Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and XR events that we would like to share with you!

Jaarcongres Hightech voor industrie Holland Instrumentation
On October 15, 2020, ArtiShock will take you into the world of applied Augmented Reality in the industry during a breakout session on October 15 2020.
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Serious game Emily tells… combines gameplay with sharing information
Emily tells is a serious game where information on healthcare topics and gaming meet. The aim of the game is sharing information in healthcare aimed at young people
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UrbanAR for Glass-city Leerdam, Netherlands
Put back the demolished city gate and hear how Napoleon visited Leerdam. The brand new Augmented Reality app brings the hidden city history to life.
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Visuele communicatie in het Corona-tijdperk
Het belang van goede visuele communicatie is belangrijker dan ooit. Kwalitatieve 3D animaties en webAR spelen een belangrijke rol.
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