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Virtual Guided Tour

Receive your relations online and present your organization, your products or your services within an attractive visual environment. The Mixed Reality solution from ArtiShock offers video conferencing as a communication layer supplemented with traditional (Video and PDF downloads) and new media (such as Avatars and Augmented Reality).

The Video Tour is easy to use and it can easily be integrated into your own web environment. ArtiShock’s Virtual Guided Tour is the ideal solution for sales and marketing in times where physical contact is limited.

The channel can be integrated in your own website

  1. It is easily accessible via a link on your own website, you do not need to install anything;
  2. A proprietary communication channel with live video and audio via peer-to-peer technology;
  3. An extremely high image quality in Ultra-HD for all participants provides a visually attractive presentation environment.

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The Guided Video Tour is easy to use on your own website and is surprisingly innovative. It is the high-profile and distinctive solution in times when customer contact is difficult.

Animal Nutrition and Health Kemin EMENA

Ester Bolsens

“ArtiShock has digitized our organization in a very rich online environment in which we can meet with our customers. The urgency was extremely high due to the complete disappearance of physical meetings in our laboratory during 2020. As usual, we can discuss our customers’ issues again and share our research in our digital office, workshop, laboratory, exhibition stand and even 3D factory, with necessary content at hand. ”

Ester Bolsens | Marketing and Communications Manager

Mixed Reality makes your organization accessible

  1. Instant live video communication.
  2. Extensive toolset for the presenter to receive and show guests around.
  3. 3D presentations and Augmented Reality.
  4. Avatars (Green screen).
  5. Live webcam presentations.
  6. Live chat options.
  7. Webinars.
  8. Interactive maps.
  9. Photos, videos, text and PDF downloads.
  10. Integration of (manageable) web content.
  11. Links to External Content.
  12. Custom switchboard to turn content on and off.
  13. Integration of Google Analytics and other measurable data.
  14. Language integration.

… other desired options in consultation

Note. We can also provide you with all the components mentioned as content. Discover on our portfolio what we can do for you.

Deploying the Virtual Guided Tour

  1. Can be used as an exhibition stand for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Product presentations and launches.
  3. Corporate business environments.
  4. Schools and educational institutions.
  5. Production taxation.
  6. Virtual showrooms.
  7. Experience centers.
  8. Laboratories.
  9. Sales meetings.

… and so on

Download information as PDF

A few cases that we have realized


Lobby of the 3D exhibition
Old and new
Lodewijk college
PwC entrance
A 3D-machine is incorporated in the 3D environment
Virtual Guided Tour Kemin EMEA
Online Virtual 360 tour is the Digital Corporate Twin for Kemin. This corporate presents itself in a virtual business environment and reusable online 3D exhibition stand.
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