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Mixed Reality Guided VideoTour.

Save businesstravel and limit physical contact during times of Corona. The Mixed Reality Guided 360 Degree VideoTour from ArtiShock is the most innovative and accessible solution for sales and marketing. This multi-media tour is ideal for  innovative presentations of products and services while you guide your clients with a live video connection.

The 360 degree Guided VideoTour is easy to use and is surprisingly innovative. With a price from € 3,500, it is also affordable for most companies and institutions. It is the high-profile and distinctive solution in times when customer contact is difficult. Call us : +31(0)78 6314375 or send us your questions through email:

The Exclusive 360 Degree Tour can be done on your own website:

  1. The Guided 360 degree tour works entirely web-based, so also without an app on your own website.
  2. The tour has integrated audio and video for live chat from home or via Zoom and MS Teams ;
  3. Invite (new) relations for an exclusive mixed media tour of your company or organization;
  4. Immerse your customers in an innovative 360 degree environment (up to 250 megapixels zoom level);
  5. A tour can be done with photography of your existing location or in 3-dimensionally designed virtual environments;
  6. The tour is also accessible online for all your relations, even without accompanying video chat;
  7. Manage media from within your own online environment;
  8. Add analytics data as you would on your website.
The virtual Guided Tour is a visual internet environment suited for -amongst others- corporate presentations, exhibitions, production facilities, a product launch or even showrooms.

You can personally (video) guide your guests and clients through your company, show research and tech, share knowledge and present your equipment and services in an engaging way. A large variety of traditional and new media can be implemented. The good news is also that no app is required, it is all web based, so easy to use for both presenter as visitor.

Present your products or services during the virtual tour:

  • Also works with Zoom and MS Teams;
  • Augmented Reality (webAR) integration;
  • Virtual Reality (VR via smartphones);
  • Avatars (Green screen) and free-standing video presentations;
  • Live Webcam, ideal for live presentations;
  • Existing web chat integration;
  • Integration of multiple languages ​​(language selection);
  • Existing Photos (also carousel);
  • Video material (detached or integrated in on a physical screen);
  • Text (whether or not combined with photo and video);
  • 360 degrees rotating objects (in combination with photomontage);
  • 360 degree rotating 3D objects;
  • 360 degree video integration;
  • Documents with download option;
  • Integration of (externally manageable) web content.

Turn Key: We can also create all the mentioned content for you if you have none. Find out what we can do with content on our portfolio .

Virtual Guided Tour Kemin EMEA
Online Virtual 360 tour is the Digital Corporate Twin for Kemin. This corporate presents itself in a virtual business environment and reusable online 3D exhibition stand.
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