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ArtiShock started in 2012 with an ideal. What if we, as professional individuals, could work together on spectacular Augmented Reality projects and ideas? What if, by combining our common knowledge, we can work together with large companies with sufficient courage,? Well then we could be a party that provides relevant added value and which can deliver innovation and experience to these companies!

“Artishock offers a wide range of knowledge and experience as a multi-disciplinary team. Together we can realize beautiful but also very complex projects.”

For companies looking for real innovation in media solutions, Artishock offers a unique multi-disciplinary team that can translate wishes and ideas into concrete, executable solutions.

This is what we do

Vision op AR

Augmented Reality will profoundly change the way we perceive our environment and organize our social and professional lives. AR will become an extension of ourselves and our senses. ArtiShock develops intelligent solutions with Augmented Reality. These contribute to a positive ROI through the way in which people organize, perform and experience their work.

Single Entry Point

An important USP of Artishock is that with one contact person the complete range of solutions can be discussed and managed. This single entry point prevents extensive client side project management. Our clients do not have to coordinate different parties with different expertise, Artishock does this internally.

Storytelling & functional solutions:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • E-learning with Emerging Technologies
  • 3D animations
  • 360° tours and Video & 3D Video
  • 3D & Interactive Video Mapping
  • Interactieve Video Projections
  • Game Development
  • 3D Animatie & Print
  • UX Design & Development
  • Audio Architecture & Music Productions
  • Live Audio & Video Presentations
  • Holograms

Team ArtiShock

All real AR experts!

Knowledge group for AR, VR and MR

ArtiShock is a collective with participating passionate specialists who – from their individual expertise – contribute to successful projects in the field of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. Our total team consists of around 18 employees including 3D and graphic UX and UI designers, programmers, concept developers, audiovisual specialists, audio architects and supporting administrative staff. Below we would like to introduce a part of the team to you.

Cristian Vorstius Kruijff

Crsitian Vosrtius Kruijff: Creative consultant emerging media & technologySpatial design & consultant emerging media & technology.

Cristian is the initiator of Artishock. He is an innovative thinker when it comes to new media developments, graphic design, User Interaction (UI), User experience (UX) and spatial communication.

Cris graduated in Virtual Reality in the early nineties while studying Communication & Design in Rotterdam. He still cannot be ignored in anything that concerns innovation in digital media.

With his company MediaFusion he built the first websites in 1993, developed his first AR experience in 2009, introduced the QR code in the Netherlands and developed the first mobile websites in 2010.

Cristian is creative with solutions that add value. Conceptually, visually, technically and strategically he goes for the best possible solutions, mediocrity is not an option.

Cris is co-owner of Artishock Productions B.V.

Contact details: cris@artishock.com

Marcel Massing

Marcel Massing: 3D specialist & management

3D specialist & management

Marcel Massing graduated in business administration and has 17 years of experience in the financial sector before becoming an entrepreneur in 2009.

In 2010 he started HIA3D BV, a 3D animation studio, based in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht.

His ‘full service’ concept quickly led to an extension of the services offered so that customers can be helped in many areas with 3D services. HIA3D is responsible for all the 3D work used in the Artishock projects.

Marcel is co-owner of ArtiShock Productions B.V.


Contact details: marcel@artishock.com

Johan Schreuders

Johan Schreuders

Lean en operational excellence coach

Augmented Reality helps to eliminate waste and shorten lead times. Administrative actions are greatly reduced and digitized.

AR leads to a higher job satisfaction for logistics employees and is guaranteed to improve the quality of logistics procedures.

Customers demand flawless products and services. At the same time, margins are under pressure.


We help organizations to apply this practically from management to gemba.

Contact details: johan@artishock.com

Edward van Dongen

Edward van Dongen: AudioVisual design & interactive video mapping.AudioVisual design & interactive video mapping.

As an audiovisual designer, Edward van Dongen thinks and collaborates on the visual concepts and elaboration of projects. In addition to producing various video productions, he specializes in live and interactive video projects and works within his own company Studio New West, Rotterdam (West).

In addition, he is aware of the latest technical developments and is constantly looking for new creative challenges.

This, combined with drive and enthusiasm, contributes to a valuable partner within the Artishock team.

Davey Boy Hoek

Davey Boy Hoek 3D developer & designer3D developer & designer

From map to 3D model, from a children’s book to Virtual Reality app.

These are just a few examples of Davey’s daily activities.

Davey ensures that technology and art come together so that this leads to a digital adventure.

Sadiki Berdah

Sadiki Berdah: CGI Artist & Sound Designer

CGI Artist & Sound Designer

Sadiki is a specialist in 3D animations and sound.

Due to his musical background, he knows how to set the right tone in the 3D productions.

In addition, he has worked on various games, animations, AR and VR productions.

Lydia Bolle

Lydia Bolle Ondernemende duizendpootEntrepreneurial all-rounder

Lydia is an enterprising all-rounder, with a head-on mentality. Whether it concerns the layout of a folder or keeping the accounts and other administrative matters, she does it all.

In addition to the work within Artishock and the 3D studio, she enjoys nature, is a volunteer helping the elderly and runs her own family.

There is more, we have a vast network, but those pictures where just awful!