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Augmented Reality for Branding, Marketing and Sales

AR, for big and small

One of the biggest effects of Augmented Reality is on marketing, advertising and sales.

A few years ago, Augmented Reality was a big unknown in marketing and sales. Today it has become almost necessary for both large organizations and smaller companies to put in on the company checklist for marketing and communication. Augmented Reality is becoming more and more mainstream. It is getting important in marketing for retail companies and B2B.

ArtiShock is active with AR since 2011 and has a large track-record in AR projects. Get in touch if you wish to ove forward with AR.

Improved brand experience through AR

Augmented Reality is becoming more and more mainstream in marketing for retail companies and B2B communication. Consumers are increasingly technical and are making their purchasing decision at home or via a mobile device.

For retailers augmenting content is the way to create more meaningful and memorable shopping experiences. At the same time they are taking advantage of the digital opportunities that Augmented Reality offers. The same applies to companies, you can use AR to explain your customers many times better why they should choose your products or services.

Growth and potential of Augmented Reality

The technology and mobile AR apps have unlimited marketing opportunities, both for retailers and for businesses (B2B). In order to remain competitive and relevant in the industry, the consideration of embracing AR and integrating it into the company is not surprising.

And there are many reasons for this, as Digi-Capital analyst Tim Merel clearly explained in his great 2016 video. In essence, the technology is drawing attention. And as always, attention is directed directly to customers.

Companies that are not already active with the trend of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality continue to struggle to find the right product experience or application.

An in-depth product experience with Augmented Reality

With the rise and spread of digital channels and smartphone technology, consumer expectations are higher than ever.

Online shoppers want more information than ever before before ordering a product or service over the internet. Consumers nowadays have access to an abundance of information and reviews via their smartphone, even while they are in a store. Marketers must now insist on an even more immersive product experience for consumers, as technology is constantly raising the bar.

ArtiShock has been sharing knowledge about AR for more than 8 years

Because we as Artishock represent a pool of entrepreneurs with rich experience and sets of talents, our portfolio contains many more projects than we can name on this website. We have selected a number (check our portfolio) that give a nice idea of the kind of solutions that we have as ArtiShock. The people in ArtiShock have been actively involved in Augmented Reality productions for more than 8 years.

We are of course enthusiastic about our work and we are happy to tell you more about Augmented Reality and other super cool projects that are relevant to your vision. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear who we are and what solutions and experiences we can have in store for you.

Some examples of Marketing and Sales using Augmented Reality

With an AR camera you can already experience the contents of the box.
View live in your room with IKEA furniture
With converse you can already put on your shoes before you buy them.
Sharks in the store-window
Team of the children's book week VR game
MIGO, een peer met AR aspiraties
gezichtsherkenning met AR
PNO shows customers how a subsidy process works
Hololens marketing team for AEGIR Marine
Mobile Augmented Reality as sales tool
Sales explains what the USPs of the machine are in AR
Wow with the Hololens

IKEA, Albert-Heijn and Converse

The good news is that Augmented Reality in the form of mobile AR applications has the potential to help brands, retailers and e-commerce companies provide consumers with an even deeper insight into their products and services at all stages of the customer journey. Just think of the Ikea app that can show furniture live in your room or think of Albert Heijn with the Augmented Reality Dino and Space Graphics. Also think of the shoe brand Converse, which AR uses to show users how different shoes can look to your feet when shopping.

Augmented Reality as a game changer in marketing

It is essential for marketers to stay ahead of the competition with new technologies. Consumers are more and more aware of the fact that as a digital tiger they collect and experience information. As of 2018, Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the biggest innovations that a complete game changer can mean in the marketing and communication sector.


Although Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – and the associated peripherals such as smart glasses and VR headsets – have been in development for some time (we have been working on them since 2011!), Producers and their marketing teams have also recognized their potential value and they start using tactics with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to reach consumers many times more effectively.

Better product experience

Customers (both consumers and B2B) can count on a deeper brand and product or service experience with Augmented Reality. With Augmented Reality, customers are much more directly involved in the experience of a brand, product or service. Because the introduction to the product or solution is ‘experienced’, it is also stored as such in long-term memory, other than seeing an image or reading a text.

Augmented reality technology and AR apps have limitless marketing potential for retailers. In order to stay competitive and relevant in your industry, consider embracing and integrating AR into your business.