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Augmented Reality solutions for industry and assembly

Enterprise AR: Augmented Reality for industry & maintenance

Augmented Reality for industry, education, healthcare, logistics and more

XR for business is a market that is developing at lightning speed.

As Augmented Reality becomes more sophisticated and cost-effective and business applications increase, the demand for AR solutions will also increase.

Machines, engines and all kinds of other equipment become more complicated in design and maintenance. Technicians involved in its construction, maintenance and / or repair must be able to continue to do their job.

Applied Augmented Reality (applied AR) can make an important contribution to this. Applications such as maintenance, training and, for example, remote assistance are obvious.

Smart industry 4.0 & Augmented Reality

Companies realize that AR must become a structural part of the organization. Source: RealWear

Example projects only with Enterprise AR

Aegir Marine E-learning with Auigmented Reality
With this application, the AEGIR-Marine mechanic learns which tasks he has to perform to overhaul a bow thruster. A public demo version is available for sales.
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Enterprise AR GEFCO logistics
Proof of Concept with Augmented Reality in combination with the Hololens shows a 50% improvement in productivity. Enterprise AR in the industry proves added value.
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Traditional training addresses only one part of the brain – the prefrontal cortex – where cognitive, working memory capacity and attention span conflict. In AR and VR, the experience-oriented capacity is addressed in a balanced way in terms of knowledge acquisition, behavior and emotion, making it a much stronger tool than, for example, classroom training.

– Cognitive Design and Statistical Consulting, LLC CEO Todd Maddox –

Augmented Reality on the job

On-the-job training is a situation in which Augmented Reality solutions from ArtiShock will offer a solution. Step-by-step digital manuals and work protocols and hints and tips from experienced technicians (Expert Capture) come into the user’s field of vision. This will guide the newcomers through each phase.

As a result, trainees can be deployed earlier in the work process and mistakes are prevented. AR can therefore free up manpower because there is less need for extensive individual training.

Less experienced personnel can still perform certain complex tasks using Augmented Reality. But also for experienced employees, productivity is increased by the efficient way in which the necessary information is displayed. And just as important: mistakes are prevented.

Remote selfcare with AR

If a machine needs a quick repair that may be beyond the competence of the on-site engineer, AR could ensure that an engineer with relevant experience can watch and provide guidance anywhere in the world.

AR will not only be used to perform tasks. This emerging technology will also contribute in terms of, for example, increasing safety or first aid in healthcare.

It can also play a significant role in the reduction of logistics movements. An engineer no longer needs to physically go to the customer if necessary.

This not only saves time and money, on a global scale it also means a significant CO2 reduction because there is less dependence on place and time.

Customers can i.c.m. AR and remote assistance much more independently solve!

Hololens – RealWear – Vuzix

There are various so-called HMDs (Head Mounted Displays) that are suitable for industry in combination with Augmented Reality. These hardware solutions – like the Microsoft HoloLens 1 and 2, the RealWare and Vuzix – have been specially developed to give substance to many of the concepts mentioned above.

The power of Augmented Reality and its acceptance within corporates and industry will have a huge impact on the way we carry out and organize our work.

AR Prototyping

To make the layout of a factory installation you may wonder if you have enough space for all machines and equipment? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to ‘see’ all your intended installations on site? Or not on site, but at scale in the office?

Within the AR world, the location can be precisely measured. It is then possible to view from any angle and easily move equipment. And before huge sums of money are spent, design changes can be made.

Augmented teleportation

Not only is it possible to make contact with video and to have the customer. As an engineer you can also offer support by being present in the customer’s physical space. Time, place and distance are becoming less and less important.

The potential of AR within the industry is clear. All support systems within this arena are available in multiples and are certainly not limited to the few examples mentioned on this page.

In industry, AR technology is fast return on investment realize.

In short

The many advantages of Augmented Reality brighten the future. It is a matter of getting started as an industry, if only to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition with knowledge.

With the developments in the field of Augmented Reality within the giants such as Google (ARcore), Microsoft (Hololens and AR cloud Azure), Apple (ARkit) and Facebook (ARstudio), the promise of AR is certainly far beyond the stage of gimmick .

If you want to know more and brush up on your knowledge of the possibilities, then you know what to do …

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