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Workshop AR and Industry 4.0

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Annual conference “Human-centered technology in Harmony”

Digital Transformation:
Human Centered Technology in Harmony

Holland Instrumentation (HI) organizes its annual conference ZIE on Tuesday 15 September 2020. This time, too, the conference will be held at Duurzaamheidsfabriek. This year, ZIE is targeting “Human Centered Technology”. Technology that simplifies complex tasks so that your people learn faster, make fewer mistakes and work in a healthy, efficient way.

We give a workshop AR at the Dordrecht Sustainability Factory

In addition to the keynote speaker Michel van Dartel, there are a number of interesting speakers who give their vision on the theme “People-oriented Technology in Harmony”, including ArtiShock. In addition, HI organizes four breakout sessions in which visitors can actively participate. Various HI participants and partners show what they have to offer on the Business Market. And of course there is also plenty of opportunity to network.

Break Out: Industrie 4.0 en AR

DThe industry is missing opportunities. Augmented Reality is beyond the hype. AR offers added value in improving production capacity, quality, safety and job satisfaction.

It offers solutions for securing knowledge, remote support from experts and support for marketing and sales. Augmented Reality also has challenges. Based on more than 8 years of experience, ArtiShock offers the participants during this conference a practical insight into the application of Augmented Reality in the industry.


Logistics, manufacturing, automotive and assembly are just a few sectors where knowledge and qualified personnel are becoming increasingly scarce. AR offers a solution. Augmented Reality can make an important quantifiable contribution to the development of the industry depending on how and where the technology is deployed. Given the promise that AR will deliver significant savings and improvements, the forecast for 2024 of EUR 55 billion * in investment does not come out of the blue. (Source: Digi-Capital Q1 2020)(Source: Digi-Capital Q1 2020)