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Augmented-, Virtual- and Mixed Reality projects

Augmented Reality portfolio and XR cases

Below you will find – among other things – a number of (mobile and smart glass) Augmented Reality projects we have realized in recent years. The examples below also include immersive media such as Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality .

These include examples of location based AR tracking, Object and Image recognition, projects made with Unity and Vuforia in combination with spatial graphic design (UX / UI), 3D visualisations, video projections, remote AR assistance and so on.

Ps. We may not have all our cases here from the last couple of years, we just started translating.

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Interactive projection Philips Museum
Interactive projection kid drawings Philips museum Dutch Design Week 2023
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Online tool shows reduction in CO2 emissions in steel industry
Reduction of CO2 emissions in the steel industry
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Koloniaal Rotterdam: Educational Augmented and Virtual Reality City Tour
CityTourXR: XR city walk commissioned by the city of Rotterdam
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Augmented Reality assists with pressure on healthcare.
Virtual assistance supports pharmacy in drug production monitoring.
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Lalique’s Jewels as a Holograms
Jewels from the Rene Lalique collection can soon be experienced as Holograms in 3D. Normally in the safe, now these jewels are on display
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webAR experience Floriade Expo 2022
Meet Oddie, de webAR kunst experience van de Floriade Expo 2022
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Historical panels in 3D storytelling for museum
3D animation of 15th century paintings
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Animation on transparant LG Oled creen
3D animation on a transparant oled display
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