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The Augmented Reality app “Leerdam Tour” launched

June 2020 – Put back demolished ancient city gates and hear how Napoleon visited Leerdam. Paintings literally tell you a story and a historical figure tells about design and glass. The brand new Augmented Reality app brings the hidden city history of Glasstad Leerdam to life.

Leerdam city marketing launched this Augmented Reality app that ArtiShock has been working on for over 6 months. The AR app was live before, but we had not published it given the Corona crisis. The interactive city walk takes visitors through the city of Leerdam through numerous interesting hotspots. A number of hotspots contain surprising Augmented Reality experiences.

Promovideo made by Leerdam

Hidden stories and history are revived when you visit Glasstad Leerdam.

Glasstad Leerdam >

A impression of the project

Wat een team!
Glasblazers in actie
Muizentorentjes! Ook hier is wel wat te beleven!
Cochius vertelt over glasontwerp
De Steigerpoort is nu ook in 3D op locatie te beleven!
Zo ziet de kaart er uit

Download the free Leerdam Tour app!

Are you visiting Leerdam?

Then let this Augmented Reality app surprise you on your city tour.

Download AR app Augmented Reality app
  1. Download the Leerdam Tour in the Appstore (Apple) or Playstore (Google);
  2. Follow the instructions within the app.
  3. Have fun!


Do you want to know if this Augmented Reality concept can also be used for your city or event?

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