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This Augmented Reality project has been nominated for an Auggie Award USA 2021! The Auggie is the most prestigious award when it comes to Augmented Reality. Will you also vote for us? Sign up at https://auggies.awexr.com and vote for the “Tiger on the Loose” project in the Art and Film section. Will you forward this project? you help us a lot with this! Thank you!

Webbased AR with Tiger on the Loose!

Fifty years of IFFR, 50 greenscreens and 50 web-based AR experiences

A super cool project we worked on! 50 years of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, 50 locations in Rotterdam and 50 (web-based!) Augmented Reality experiences.

Scattered throughout Rotterdam you will find fifty green screen objects that act as gaps in the street scene. With the help of a QR code you can enter a different world – full of Augmented Reality Tiger. Tiger on the loose!

This is how it worked

Tiger on the Loose! is an initiative of the International Film Festival Rotterdam in colaboration with Studio Vollaerszwart, ArtiShock Mixed Reality productions and our development partners Orb Amsterdam and 8th Wall.

Webbased AR

An app is not needed here, it works directly with your smartphone and the internet (browser), but make sure that your smartphone software is up-to-date.

Sociale media filters Facebook and Instagram

You can also use the Social Media AR greenscreen filters developed with SparkStudio for Facebook and Instagram. To be experienced via the IFFR social accounts and of course on the greenspots themselves!

Discover Tiger on the Loose on social media:

Go to the Facebook-filter

Go to the Instagram-filter

You can also get creative with the screens yourself with the green screen function of Facebook or Instagram.

Film credits

Here you will find the Film credits of the Tiger on the Loose clips.

See all film credits


One of 50 locations in Rotterdam

Tiger on the Loose locations

Viewed from the sky, all locations together make up the festival logo. The “green screen” objects are about 500m to 1000m apart, so you can easily visit a few while walking outside. The entire route is approximately 42km (marathon distance, for those who prefer to run).

Wide reach and accessibility at February festival days

IFFR began its 50th anniversary edition with a first part which took place from 1 to 7 February 2021. A programme which included 65 film titles (43 features and 22 shorts), city-wide Tiger on the Loose interactive installations, a striking festival campaign and the exclusively online IFFR Pro Days came together to make a hybrid event adapted to the harsh reality of the situation in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Facts and Figueres

There where 12,998 interactions with the Tiger on the Loose augmented reality art installation

More facts is available on the IFF corporate website:

The trailer of the webAR experience

Could such a webAR concept also be used for your city or event?

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