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Promotion campaign with Web-based AR

Amazon prime video: Augmented Reality campaign film The East

Nice web-based AR project from ArtiShock commissioned by Y Media Generation and The Searchers . The campaign will run for 2 weeks from May 13th 2021 to promote the new Dutch film The east.

The posters are spread over 10 mayor Dutch Cities. The film will be available on May 13 at Prime Video from Amazon .

This is how Webbased AR works:

It has been specially developed to experience a trailer of the film in Augmented Reality on the spot. It works simply via the browser of your smartphone.

Over de film De Oost

During the Indonesian War of Independence, a young Dutch recruit named Johan (Martijn Lakemeier) joins an elite army squad led by a man known as “The Turk” (Marwan Kenzari).

As the fight against freedom fighters becomes increasingly brutal under the helm of the infamous captain, Johan is forced to reconsider his beliefs to the point of complete disillusionment.

Concept makers Miranda and Simona
Filmposter De oost on Prime Video
Video still
Martijn Lakemeier in De Oost
De Oost FAQ about webAR
Video still de oost

About the makers of De Oost:

Jim Taihuttu (Wolf, Rabat) focuses with “The East” on an underexposed part of Dutch history: the Indonesian War of Independence. Starring Martijn Lakemeier (Winter War) and Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin).
Director: Jim Taihuttu
Writers: Mustafa Duygulu, Jim Taihuttu
Cast: Martijn Lakemeier, Marwan Kenzari, Denise Aznam, Joenoes Polnoija, Jonas Smulders, Jeroen Perceval

Official trailer of “The East”

New Amsterdam presents “The East”, the new Dutch film by Jim Taihuttu . From May 13, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video and some selected movie theaters.

FAQ Webbased AR

An app is not necessary with webAR, it works via your smartphone and the internet. Make sure your smartphone software is up-to-date!

WebAR means that you can experience interactive Augmented Reality (AR) content directly using the existing web without having to download an app. Scan the QR code directly (or go to the website below the QR code) and experience it yourself. Make sure the software on your smartphone is up to date for an ideal user experience.

By scanning the QR code on the poster with your smartphone’s camera, the poster will reveal the video trailer in Augmented Reality (AR) on your smartphone. Make sure you give access to your smartphone camera during the process and that your smartphone software is up-to-date with the most recent version

Most Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones support webAR. If the operating system of your smartphone is up-to-date with the most recent version, webAR is usually supported in your own browser.

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Microsoft Edge and Brave all support the functions required for WebAR. Make sure your smartphone has up-to-date software for an ideal user experience.

Browsers that support webAR on Apple devices with iOS 14.3+ are Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, as well as apps such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Browsers that support webAR on Android devices are (if up to date): Google Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Microsoft Edge and Brave.

Note: Please be aware that some older smartphones (over 4 years old) do not support webAR.

By scanning the QR code on the poster – in this case – a video trailer is activated. The bus and tram shelters then come to life to promote the film for Amazon’s Prime Video.

The poster of  The East

The poster of the campaign depicts the army captain Westerling, this role is played by Marwan Kenzari.

Produced in colaboration with:

webAR- and social media AR for the International Film Festival Rotterdam
Tiger on the Loose! During the International Film Festival Rotterdam you can -at your own risk- enter the film world of the tiger with web-based AR (Augmented Reality).
Bekijk case

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