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MRI Experience during DDW 2023

Philips Museum: Interactive Projection for Children

Step into the fascinating world of MRI scans. The Philips Museum, in collaboration with illustrator Aniek Bartels, offers children an interactive journey of discovery.

Philips develops various medical devices, such as X-ray machines or MRI scanners, but lying still in an MRI scanner can be quite challenging. The Philips Museum aims to show children that they have the power to face this challenge.

During the Dutch Design Week, children aged 4 to 12 can design their own MRI experience at the Philips Museum.

Children will reflect on what gives them a calm feeling, and then they will draw their ideal environment. In a spectacular way, they will be engaged in the ingenious invention of the MRI scan. They will learn that technology is a means to shape their own future. By creating their ideal environment, they discover that they can influence their own world.

Aniek Bartels

Aniek Bartels, illustrator and designer, employs her hand-drawn illustrations to guide children in personal development, foster a love for nature, promote sustainability, and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Location: Philips Museum, Emmasingel 31, Eindhoven
Opening Hours: 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Children could make and color their own drawings on an A4 paper within the inventors’ logbook.

By placing this drawing under a webcam, it is recognized by the developed application. The application was developed in collaboration with our partner Orb Amsterdam.

Subsequently, the child’s drawing is converted and projected onto a wall or displayed on a TV using a webcam and computer.

Image Recognition

To recognize the drawing, a clear (graphically designed) border is required on the A4 drawing paper. The application identifies this border and can then detect and “scan” the white area containing the shape to subsequently include the drawing in the projection.

In the background of the projection, we have animated the characters from the inventor’s logbook.

Inventor’s Logbook

Illustrator Aniek Bartels, in collaboration with the Philips Museum, conceived the inventor’s logbook. Children could embark on a discovery journey using this booklet. The book also includes a drawing sheet where children could express their gained inspiration in the form of a drawing. Below is an impression of such an illustration.

Illustraties van Aniek Bartels
De binnenkant van het Uitvinders logboek
Inkijkje in het logboek
Het logboek voor de kinderen
Illustratie van ontwerper Aniek Bartels
De slurf is verhelderend
Robert de robot doet ook mee

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