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hologram project

Experience Lalique’s jewels as Holograms

We recently realized a cool project for the Lalique Museum: all jewels from the collection can soon be experienced there in 3D.

The Lalique Museum is located in the heart of the historic center of Doesburg, near Arnhem. Opened since 2011, the Museum is dedicated to the world-renowned French jewelery and glass artist Rene Lalique (1860-1945).

In addition to the permanent collection, the Lalique Museum regularly hosts exhibitions, in which work by Lalique can also be admired. The exhibition radius covers the period from approximately 1850-1950.

Jewelry by R. Lalique can be experienced as a hologram in Doesburg

Below: The nymph refers to the childish imagination that still resides in adults.

Keep an eye on the news from the Lalique Museum when you can experience this special production is.

Jewelry as hologram, behind the scenes

This XR production was realized in collaboration with the Lalique Museum and photographer Xander Berkhagen. Each piece of jewelry is photographed on a black background. About 40 photos per piece of jewellery, which are then post-processed and mounted one after the other in the special film. A projection ultimately ensures that the whole, together with the necessary information, can be experienced as a hologram.

Xander Berkenhagen is photographing in 3D
Close-up in 3D
Curator Benjamin Mordehai Janssens
Hologram Lalique broche "Nymph"
the display shows additional information

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