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AEGIR marine Europort 2021

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Europort fair 2021

Transparent OLED display with 3D animation

ArtiShock has provided a 3D animation for AEGIR marine using a transparent OLED screen. This animation, specially made for this purpose, showed their solutions in a fascinating way on this transparent television.

During the exhibition week, the set-up received a lot of attention, not only because of the way of presentation but also because of the 3D content.

Transparent display for trade show presentations

Transparent screen for trade fairs, it can of course also be used for in-house presentations, kiosks and shopping windows.

AEGIR Marine presented a beautiful product during the Europort 2021, the maritime trade fair. It concerns the sealing of the propeller shaft in which air (pressure) is used to keep water and oil separate from each other. This seal is called the Primary Compact.

Visual effects on the transparent screen

Creating an animation for a transparent screen requires some extra attention and the application some extra visual effects. Despite the fact that the screen itself is transparent, all colors can be used. If bright colors are used, they will appear very bright.

This project that uses the transparent OLED technique has made us even more enthusiastic about the various possible applications. These screens can also be used as Hologram or Augmented Reality, whether or not in combination with physical products.

3D animation by ArtiShock
Fits well in such a setup
Excellent use of explainer video in 3D
Yes, it is realy transparant!
Where did it go?
Large format transparent display
Nice explanation video in 3D
Transparent Oled for presentations

Interested in the application of transparent OLED? Let us know!

Please contact us: +31(0)786314375 or email projects@artishock.com

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