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Swimming art by children

Interactive aquarium in Dordrechts museum at the exhibition “Beet!”

Beet shows more than 175 different works on the theme of fish, on loan from numerous leading museums. An interactive layer decorates the passage at the exhibition “Beet!” of the Dordrechts Museum.

Explanation of the “Beet!” exhibition by Marianne Verhoork

Interactive projection with fish

A fish is not always what it seems. Fish can have an erotic charge in art, oysters are still known as aphrodisiac. Fish are also common in Biblical stories and are an important evangelical symbol. Fishing has always been important in prints, seasons, but also for Dutch prosperity..

For the entire family

If we let go of all seriousness, fortunately there is also room for fun with, among other things, this interactive projection. Children can creatively color in pictures of fish, scan them and like magic the fish will appear animated in the projection. They then happily swim around among all the other small works of art.

Projection of the digitally created Aquarium
Voorbeeld van een kleurplaat voor het aquarium
Fishfight in de stijl van Asterix en Obelix herleeft!
Het is een op maat ontwikkelde interactieve installatie
Ook volwassenen mogen hun creativiteit laten zien
Mooie vis tekeningen voor het digitale aquarium
Leuk, kussengevecht met vissen!
Binnen de lijntjes blijven?
Deze tekening gaat zwemmen!
Je loopt zo tussen alle kunstwerkjes door

Meer informatie

The Dordrechts Museum shows the cream of the crop in the field of fish in art. For the first time, an exhibition shows how much fish has enriched Dutch art and culture. In Beet! the versatility of the fish and its significance in Dutch and Flemish visual culture is discussed and presented.


Interactive Digital Aquarium for Museum Dordrecht

For the Museum of Dordrecht we produced this digital interactive aquarium. Kids (aren’t we all) can design and color their own fish on paper, scan it and let it swim with 25 other drawings.

The lady in the video, responsible for education, tells about the project and working with ArtiShock.