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Virtual Guided Reality Tour

Virtual Corporate (exhibition) platform for KEMIN | EMENA

In collaboration with Pitchkoff we created this amazing corporate 360 degree experience. Next to this “Digital Corporate Twin” we developed a 3d exhibition area. Both originate from the Virtual Guided Reality Tour platform by ArtiShock.

The 360-degree experiences are complemented with a wide variety of new (including 3D visualisations and web-based Augmented Reality) and more traditional media such as Video and PDF downloads. The three-dimensional online exhibition environment was available to approximately 200 invited guests.

Visual tour at the Digital Corporate Twin

A host (or hostess) guides the visitor on one of the visual online tours through the digital online twin of the company.

This web-based 360 tour is like a Digital Corporate Twin for Kemin. This corporate presents itself in a virtual business environment and with a reusable online 3D exhibition stand.


Digital 3D online exhibition

The digital three-dimensional exhibition stand was opened on 12 February 2021. During the day, guests were welcomed by a short digital introduction from CEO, Stefaan van Dyck. Via a sophisticated video transition, the guests went to the “Digital Experience Box”, the name that was invented for the exhibition stand.

The 3D exhibition stand on Hanover's market square (Germany)
Lobby of the 3D exhibition
Example of an integrated webinar
PDF, view, download or print
Example of a textbox
3D model viewer
3D modelviewer in the 360-degree tour
A 3D-machine is incorporated in the 3D environment
A range of PDF brochures easily accessible
Lounge and reception in 3D
"Wall of challenges" with video, pdf's and webinars
Wall of challenges
Acces to the lounge area
Challenge Room 3 with integrated video
Challenge Room 3 with integrated video
Challenge Area with 4 area's to choose from
Three Dimensional 360-degree exhibition space
Welkom to the Online Kemin 3D exhibition
The CEO with a word of welcome


Within the online 3D environment, the visitor was given an explanation of the four main challenges in the animal nutrition industry. In each of the four “challenge rooms”, Kemin’s experts explain what these challenges are and what Kemin is doing to help its customers. After the visit to the rooms, the door opens up to a lounge area. There is the “Wall of Challenges”. A place with more in-depth information for each of the 4 challenges.

Augmented Reality & Live webcams

A large variety of media is avalable at the Virtual Guided Tour.

Kemin scientists share the latest developments through videos, PDFs and webinars. At the reception a wall with brochures offers the 10 most important publications and fact sheets for download. A little further in the lounge, a 3D viewer is used to experience the innovative iBOX.


Customers can put a product in 3D on their own desk web-based Augmented Reality.

This iBox is made available throughwebbased Augmented Reality so the visitor can actually visualize the machine in 3D in his own environment. And when there are questions, a team of specialists where available to answer through a integrated live chat function



Special? Absolutely!

What makes this so special? There are more initiatives where you can experience an environment in 360 degrees. The collaboration between Pitchkoff and ArtiShock exceeded Kemin’s wildest expectations. The use of a tailor-made 3D environment and the enormous variety of new and traditional media made it a high-profile experience.

The CEO welcomes the visitor to the online 3D exhibition environment.

Het The Virtual Guided Reality Platform, the creative input and advancing techniques will be reused at various times throughout the year. Each time with different up-to-date information, each time interactive and integrated with various appropriate media. An investment that on balance saves the company a lot of money on an annual basis, confirms the innovative character of Kemin and customer visits that do not have to stagnate.

Corporate 360ยบ company tour

In addition to the 3D live exhibition environment, we also made a 360-degree tour for Kemin of their head office, laboratory and workshops in Belgium. A lot of additional information has also been processed here, but also a live webcam.

The experience has an additional option. You can give the guests a live personal tour. Both parties experience the same tour in extremely high quality. The hostess or host has various presentation techniques available for a successful presentation.

The corporate HQ in Belgium

What is the purpose?

The customers are invited by Kemin and treated exclusively. At the digital exhibition stand only by invitation and in an interactive way. During the corporate tour through the buildings and the laboratory, the digital visit becomes a high-quality meeting, just like in real life. With our techniques, Kemin can continue its dialogue with its customer in an innovative way, without the hindrance of Corona.

Contact us for a no-obligation demo (approximately 30 minutes) and convince yourself of the variety in media, the communication power and the impact it has on your hospitality.

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