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Instagram & Facebook AR-filter

Social Augmented Reality filter for Rotterdam PopUpFest

From June 5 to June 27 2021, the very first edition of Rotterdam Pop-Up Fest started. Commissioned by the organizers Simona Kraaijk and Miranda Tetteroo, ArtiShock and OrbAmsterdam have developed a Social Media AR filter for Facebook and Instagram.

Simona and Miranda: “Rotterdam is one of the best festival cities in the world. But there is not yet a real opening of the festival season. So we had the idea to open the Rotterdam festival season every year, with pop-up performances from the Rotterdam festivals in the most surprising places. From dance to metal, from street art to poetry, from Pride to marathon and from film to circus.”

The socialAR filter has been specially developed to take a selfie or group photo on site via Instagram and Facebook with an image of one of the typical Rotterdam festivals.

Polaroids are combined with a special greenscreen filter

Miranda and Simona, de creators behind RotterdamPopUpFest.

About the festival

Rotterdam Pop-up Fest has placed bright yellow Polaroids in various places in the center of Rotterdam. If you scan the QR code, you can choose between Facebook or Instagram. Point your mobile at the green screen part of the Polaroid it comes to life. For a moment you can go back to a Rotterdam festival and make your own festival moment with a sharable selfie or a grouprecording.

Shop windows as a festival stage

From dance to metal, from street art to word art and from Pride to circus. Both iconic and small-scale, intimate festivals appear at unexpected moments and places in the city. Rotterdam shop windows come to life and turn into a festival stage. Only a window forms the separation between the maker(s) and the spectators.


You can choose from Rotterdam Unlimited, Rotterdam Bluegrass Festival, Baroeg Open Air, Circusstad Rotterdam, Rotterdam Pride, Blijdorp Festival or Rotterdam Street Culture Week.



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