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Interactive city tour Leerdam

Surprising city walk with Augmented Reality

Visitors to Leerdam can now also relax on the Linge river with an interactive Augmented Reality app. This public app (Leerdam Tour) was developed by ArtiShock in collaboration with the city marketing of Glas city Leerdam.

The interactive city walk takes visitors through the city of Leerdam along numerous interesting hotspots. A number of hotspots contain surprising Augmented Reality experiences.

Are you going to Leerdam? Download the Leerdam Tour app for iOS or Android.

Preview of the city-tour

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About the Leerdam Tour app

Breathe the history of Leerdam Glass City back to life with this city walk with Augmented Reality!

Fancy a nice walk and would you like to get to know Leerdam better? This historic walk takes you along the most beautiful places in the glass city. You will discover the best stories with the help of text, audio, video and Augmented Reality. Have your picture taken along the way with former factory director P.M. Cochius, put the old city gates back in place or listen to the painting by Mrs. Van Aerden! Click on the interactive map and walk along the most beautiful places in Leerdam. You can walk the entire route or choose the locations you want to visit yourself. Via the GPS tracker you can see exactly where you are and which way you need to go.

History goes hand-in-hand with Augmented Reality

Meet a digital version of Cochius in Augmented Reality. He addresses you as the founder and visionary of the National Glass Museum. But paintings also come to life, Mevrouw van Aerden explains why she had her little courtyard built in the eighteenth century.

Steigerpoort in 3D

The Leerdam Tour app also offers guests of the city the opportunity to breathe new life into the past. You can literally put historical monuments back in real size with the help of Augmented Reality.

About Glas-city Leerdam

Leerdam, almost everyone has heard of this beautiful city. It has been the glass city of the Netherlands since 1765, the whole world eats our Leerdammer cheese and we are centrally located in the country on the recreational river Linge! The center of Leerdam has special places. Whether you like culture, good food, boating, shopping, walking or cycling, there is something nice to see and experience for everyone!

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A historical city-gate back in place with AR

Download the Leerdam Tour app for free and hit the road!

Traveling to Leerdam?

Then let this Augmented Reality app surprise you on your city tour.

Download AR app Augmented Reality app
  1. Download the Leerdam Tour in the Appstore (Apple) of Playstore (Google) 
  2. Follow the further instructions in the app.
  3. Have fun!


City-AR background information

This app is an example of the City-AR concept of ArtiShock. The concept can be used for various purposes. Cities can use it for events, festivals, tourist information and city walks.

Content management systeem

(Fixed) routes can be created and the end customer can independently create and manage the content and associated positions. This content includes text, photos, videos and audio. We create and link the Augmented Reality experiences in consultation with you. Incidentally, several cards can also be integrated for (temporary) events and festivals. With the help of an online CMS you have control over the content and you can manage the information independently.

Do you want to know whether this Augmented Reality concept can also be used for your city or event?

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